We provide psychodiagnostic and psychosocial assessments to establish diagnoses and assist with treatment planning.
Assessment services include:

  • Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) assessment for

    • Disability Award
    • Treatment planning
    • Rehabilitation Program
    • Diminished Earning Capacity (DEC)
  • Department of National Defence (DND) assessment for

    • Treatment planning
    • Deployment
  • WSIB Community Mental Health Program assessment for

    • Work-related claims

Assessments include information about an individual’s:

  • Current concerns and symptoms
  • Current functioning and changes compared to previous functioning
  • Current ability to cope with stress
  • Current mental abilities such as attention, concentration, and memory
  • Risk of harm to self and/or others
  • Personality style (when relevant)
  • Current diagnoses
  • Treatment recommendations